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Case Study: Thareja Inc.

THAREJA was started back in 2003, providing IT consulting services. It has now expanded into many other disciplines including Creative Design services. It now has remotely working consultants, clients and vendors scattered over 4 continents and 6 countries. The birth of the THAREJA platform happened as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The platform now aims to solve all of its issues and complications it faced over almost many decades of consulting. The software was designed with it's customers in mind, as its first customer was Thareja Inc and it's clients. THAREJA is workforce management platform with project management built in, that offers proof of work, time tracking, payroll management, and a process to recruit & onboard remote talent. Common issues arising from misccomunication with clients are resolved in real-time with proof of work and time tracking features in the software. The flows for approvals and invoicing are automated. Fail safe procedures are in place to have clear audit of what took place. Ensuring all contractors get paid for the work they do and client don’t have to pay for wasted time. Also efficiencies are brought to resource allocation by seeing how much time is being tracked towards indivudal tasks. While working at the United Nations all stakeholders during audits have brought up a need to track this in all projects. The use of AI & machine learning have been applied where possible to improve flows. We still use this software for our consulting services division, we hope you enoy using the software as much as we do!

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“All our team communications were spread over email and random google docs. Thareja AI helps us all stay in sync in one place.”

Rajesh P. | Project Manager

"THAREJA is, hands down, the best time tracking platform on the market. My business would not function efficiently without it, and I honestly wouldn't be able to be as mobile as I am without it."

Farrukh B. | Business Owner

“We don't have to dig through a million emails anymore.”

Akash P. | Accounting

“Communication. Keeping discussions in message threads, instead of in email, has made it a lot easier to keep track of what's been decided.”

Tina P. | CFO

“Client communication is all in one place. No more searching through emails for the latest decision or file version.”

Ajay K. | Developer

“There's now greater transparency within the agency since we've been using THAREJA.”

Ish | Business Owner

“Our entire organization is, well, a lot more organized! We're new to THAREJA (a few months in), so we're still trying to decide what types of information should go where, but things are already going a lot more smoothly, especially with some employees now working remotely.”

Akshay K. | Developer

"Automated checkins have been great!”

PZ | HR Analytics

“Better collaboration, and ease of working with our remote staff.”

Mohammed | QA Analyst

“Everyone can sync up and be on the same page without scrolling through endless email threads!”

Deepak | Developer

“Our meetings are more organized and we don't have to have as many of them, because everyone can work on their own piece of the project but keep the whole group updated.”

Sarah S. | Project Manager

“We are just more organised. because we are volunteers running an org and based from different ends of the country its very useful to have a place where all the docs and conversations have been recorded. Great for volunteers who need to dive in in and out of activities as health allows.”

Renuka S. | Healthcare

“The future of work is global. We are one big global community, where time zones do not matter. If we all worked in NYC and I was on the 3rd floor and you were on the 9th floor - we might never see each other all day long! THAREJA allows for seamless, real-time communications - even if you are sleeping while others are working."

Aman M. | Business Inteligence

“It's awesome to have our ideas and references in the same place. It use to be scattered in many places. Email, whatsapp, skype chat...”

Janish K. | Fashion

“Increased valuable collective communication. Rather than fragmented communication that occurred through just email, WhatsApp, slack, and text messaging.”

Barbara A. | Designer

“Has given a new team, of non-techie Marketeers a great place to share things important to our project.”

Rajesh P. | Project Manager

“Just being able to track where we are with each project and having a centralized location for all project documentation.”

Saira | Intern

“We've been able to easily involve our customers and other stakeholders in our projects, and provide constant feedback so that everyone is on the same page.”

Cleverson | Video Production

“We are more organised, being able to easily assign each other tasks - able to get more done. There are less distractions, we used Slack and it was too easy to contact/distract someone else about something which could be worked out individually.”

Geeta | Business Owner

“Quick communication can now be pinged whereas before we'd have tons of useless email threads with too many subjects in each going around and confusing everyone...”

Aman | Intern

“We are more organized and it has allowed us to keep a running to-do list to make sure that things get done in a timely fashion.”

Alicia | Hospitality